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Are you ready to finish your book? Sometimes you need more than a pep talk and we have all the tools to help you finish strong and START Selling!!!!

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Tools You'll Access

Marketing & Branding

Anticipated Workshop Agenda

10am Introductions

10:10 Writer's Poll

10:13am Ice Breaker 

10:20am Introduction to Simplified Writing Tactics

10:30am Structuring Your Book 

11:00am Proper Branding

11:20am Branding & Sales Resources

11:40am Outro

11:45am Questions & Answers

Trusted Resources

Discover our trusted resources and tools. Explore what to use to start publishing smart as well as how to get your sales moving now.


Our Trusted Tools For:

Writing and Editing


Get The Guide

Get a free tool guide/book for attending and use the guide to further your business branding and marketing.


Our Trusted Tools for:

On Brand Marketing

Brand Guide Development

Sales and Promotion





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